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PRESS RELEASE – Europe and Asia Pacific ranked as top investment destinations in 2020 – curated and collated by Matthew George, Urban Activation – PRESS RELEASE

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) – The lion’s share, or 45%, of total real estate investment capital deployed this year is expected to find its way to Europe, according to a published survey. The Asia Pacific region is likely to attract 31.9% of capital this year, significantly increasing from 19.6% in 2019. The survey was done by three real estate associations – the Asian Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (ANREV), the European Association for Investors …

Matt George – Urban Activation – Press Release – Ringwood Residences – Press Release

YOUR PERSONAL SANCTUARY – Welcome to Ringwood Residences – your personal sanctuary of natural luxury and style, set within a landmark building. THRIVING RESIDENCES Ringwood Residences is the perfect oasis between city and nature. With the urban style and city connections of Ringwood, and scenic destinations a short drive away, living here means enjoying the best of both worlds. INVESTING IN RINGWOOD The vision for Ringwood is being achieved with over $1 billion of master-planned …