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A World of Differences in Media and Entertainment!

MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES A World of Differences Outlook 2016-20 Entertainment and media companies can tap into many pockets of growth and opportunity. Our intensive analysis of five shifts roiling the industry can help you identify them. by Chris Lederer and Megan Brownlow               Illustration by Guy Billout Entertainment and media (E&M) companies are making great strides in pivoting to serve digital consumers around the world. However, at first …

Keep Your Kids Off Dating Apps like Tinder

As a practitioner and educator in social media, where I work with Professionals and Students in social media, I am aghast at the lowering of age to 13 years where you can hold a TINDER Account. It is hard enough educating consenting adults on how all of these platforms work, and to bring them into the current age, without their young children being given access to a “Hook Up” site where over 26 Million people …