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Curate, Collate and Disseminate – for Social Media Management – John Dryden

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Curate,Collate,Disseminate DMG Social

Curate, Collate and Disseminate – for Social Media Management – John Dryden


DMG Social assists you within your business, profile and professional pursuits.


Content is King, and this is why you need to collate carefully and consistently.


Communication is the key, passing on knowledge, sharing successes, and experiences.


Anyone in business needs a website, however more importantly everyone needs to be in control of their Social Media presence. What happens on Social, stays on the internet. If it didn’t happen on Social, then it never happened.

The Main Platforms

To drive your business forward you need to have correctly established profiles created, curated and collated by a professional so that it works. The businesses that really benefit from Social Media Omnipresence understand this, and we assist in this process and deliver so that you may prosper.

Understanding how we get here is the basis to working out where you would like this to take you…

Just because you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account doesn’t mean success is not enough to know how to get a return on investment. Let the professionals set you up right the first time, to avoid the trials and tribulations we have seen others create with no ROI.

Keep it Simple and Make it Work!

Social Network Management is King!

Want to build an involved community that supports your brand name?

DMG Social Media Marketing was produced for individuals to speak with each other and also it’s no different for brands.

Good social media management basically implies establishing as well as preserving long-term relationships with your audience, as well as it’s essential for the development of your business.

This is something we can take totally off your hands or we can offer your social community manager with the appropriate technique for your target market.

Engaging with your followers, offering personable customer service and producing two-way discussion can make a substantial distinction to your social networks initiatives as well as the method individuals really feel concerning your brand name. It aids develop count on amongst brand-new leads and produce evangelists out of consumers. Because of this, great social networks monitoring has a beneficial ripple effect as well as can generate ongoing leads and also new clients.

A calculated approach to social media sites administration is crucial. We can develop an intonation that resonates with your target market, produce and perform content schedules with appropriate posts and join in discussions around trending tales to promote a much more powerful link in between your brand name as well as your consumers.

We perform administration for brands across several sectors. Using our social listening, analysis and reporting devices, we can establish not only whether people are engaged with your brand, yet also what they’re saying and also exactly how they feel towards it. It’s our job to produce a favourable outcome as well as robust conversations. By having among our social media sites specialists work for you means you will always be handling your community in the most efficient method feasible to achieve your goals.

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Our Team

Headed by Founder and Digital Native John Dryden and wholly supported by a fastidious team of dedicated social evangelists.

Curate,Collate,Disseminate DMG Social

John Dryden

Managing Director John has continued in his pursuit of excellence with 29 years of advertising and media in Television, Radio, Print Outdoor, Transit, Digital and Social Media

Curate,Collate,Disseminate DMG Social

Matt Langford

Online Marketing Specialist Matt has established businesses globally and continues to add strength to the DMG Social Team and his own pursuits. Matt is integral to the success of our clients. www.12three.com.au

Curate,Collate,Disseminate DMG Social

Josie Wienzlinger

Public Relations Josie has worked for Government and Enterprise in corporate governance and crisis pr for many years and adds a very powerful influence and support for all of our clients.

Curate,Collate,Disseminate DMG Social

Cordelia Banks-Hall

Events Manager Cordelia has staged iconic events and promotions for multiple companies in the US, Australia and the UK. Cordelia’s reach is phenomenal and her power of persuasion is unrelenting. As a perfectionist, there is none better than Cordelia.

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