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Business Skyrocket Package

Social Media Marketing Agency

For Only $1650/ month You Receive:

  • Accelerated Website Audit and amendments
    1. Assessment of your website’s structure,
    2. Full analysis of your number of pages,
    3. Strategically value the indexation behaviour of your website
    4. Maximise your link portfolio and
    5. Conduct a thorough analysis on the competitive marketplace
    6. Benchmark your site’s profile and performance against the competition.
  • Accelerated Social Media Audit and amendments
    1. We book your 100% free growth strategy call,
    2. Analyse your business requirements,
    3. Determine your “sticking points” limiting growth,
    4. Create a custom plan for maximising leads and sales via Facebook ads,
    5. Instruct you on how to effectively use Facebook ads for sales conversions
    6. Cost effectively reach your IDEAL prospects.
  • Accelerated eCommerce Audit and amendments
    1. Educate on that in today’s digital world, your website has become an online “hub”,
    2. Boost the performance of ALL your marketing channels for sales conversion,
    3. Increase traffic and gain more attention,
    4. increase customer acquisition more cost effectively,
  • Accelerated Keyword Analysis and activation
    1. Google Adwords and keywords analysis
    2. Optimised Keywords
    3. Manage out Negative Keywords
    4. Increase conversion rates
    5. Turn browsers into purchasers
    6. Squeeze every last drop of value from your campaign,
    7. PPC cost effectiveness  and advanced metrics
  • Accelerated Google Adwords Analysis
    1. PPC profitability
    2. Professional experience and guidance
    3. Optimised bidding on relevant keywords only
    4. Focus on conversions
    5. Focus on revenue
    6. High converting landing page
    7. Utilise direct response copywriting to drive conversions
  • Accelerated SEO Analysis
    1. Best advice based on our assessment,
    2. Carefully draft a strategy that exposes your competitors’ weaknesses
    3. Put a plan in place, to first – close the gap, and then crush the competition
    4. Obtaining their back link portfolio and capitilise on better back linking
    5. Find out their most profitable key phrases
  • Accelerated SEM Analysis Conversion Rate Optimisation
    1. Maximise the return from your online marketing
    2. Doubling your conversion rate alone,
    3. Double the amount of leads and sales
    4. Turn customers into paying clients,
    5. Marketing you do will yield twice the results with CRO
    6. Optimisedwebsite converts more browsers into buyers
    7. Attract more traffic than anyone else in your market

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