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Jaguar to sell electric cars only from 2025

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Jaguar to sell electric cars only from 2025 DMG Social

Jaguar to sell electric cars only from 2025

UK automaker Jaguar Land Rover will only sell electric cars from 2025 as part of a new sustainability strategy.

The company announced it would launch six “pure electric variants” during the next five years. This includes the first all-electric vehicle for its Land Rover brand in 2024.

It aims to sell electric versions of all Jaguar and Land Rover models by the end of the decade. Jaguar Land Rover has so far produced just one fully electric car.

It comes as part of Jaguar’s new ‘Reimagine’ strategy, announced today by CEO Thierry Bolloré, that puts green technology front and centre.

The roadmap will also see Jaguar work towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products and operations by 2039.

Jaguar is exploring collaborations with green energy industry players, including Tata Group.

The company will also invest in hydrogen fuel technology, an emerging fuel source that produces water as a by-product.

Jaguar to sell electric cars only from 2025 DMG Social

“Development is already underway with [hydrogen fuel] prototypes arriving on UK roads within the next 12 months as part of the long-term investment programme,” the company said in a statement.

Jaguar expects to invest £2.5bn a year into electrification, according to Bloomberg.

The firm remains focused on the “luxury sector”, which would put its electric models in direct competition with Elon Musk’s Tesla.

“Our vision is clear… to become the creator of the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles and services for the most discerning of customers,” said Bolloré, who took reins in September.

Jaguar’s shift to electric comes as government’s around the world have announced bans on internal combustion engines.

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030 in the UK. Norway is aiming for 2025 while California has set the deadline of 2035.

In November Volkswagen Group-owned Bentley announced a similar roadmap in which it will launch its first electric model in 2025 and become a fully electric brand in 2030.

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