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Cybersecurity – The struggle to keep pace with network security needs 100

Cybersecurity – When the topic of network and security convergence is in the discussion, the song ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ from the 80’s hip hop group ‘Public Enemy’ comes to mind. But unlike the song, security heads and CISOs should believe the hype. Over the last ten years, CISOs of businesses have needed to be fast on their feet as the pace of technology has accelerated and influenced the way businesses and consumers operate in …

Duesseldorf University Hospital cyberattack leads to death of patient

A patient at Duesseldorf University Hospital in Germany has died after the hospital suffered a cyberattack. According to Germany news publication RTL, the failure of IT systems caused by the cyberattack meant that the accident and emergency department at the hospital had to close, meaning the patient had to be transported to another hospital approximately 19 miles away and subsequently died. Duesseldorf University Hospital reported “far-reaching IT failures” on 10 September, which meant that the hospital …

Cyber Security “They tore the heart out of my business”: How a hacker nearly cost Gillian Franklin her $130 million business

Heat Group managing director Gillian Franklin was in London last year when a text message from a staffer sent her world into a tail-spin. The $130 million wholesaling business had come to a screeching halt, placed behind lock and key after a hacker infiltrated its systems in a ransomware attack. Almost everything was captured, including 20 years of sales history, payroll and employment details, customer trading terms and archived creative work. The business, unable to …

#whatweneedtodo is a Victorian viral campaign spreading the word about wearing a mask! C’mon, Victoria! Neil Mitchell launches #WhatWeNeedToDo

#whatweneedtodo We’re all sick of lockdown. It feels unfair. But now isn’t the time to dwell or fight. It’s time to beat this virus. That’s the only way our lives return to normal. Neil Mitchell last week asked listeners to help rally support and get Victorians on the same page, and one advertising expert took it to the next level and has helped Neil launch the #WhatWeNeedToDo campaign. We all have a role to play, …