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Introducing 222 Francis Street, Yarraville. Modern Living Memorable Setting by Matthew George, Urban Activation

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Introducing 222 Francis Street, Yarraville. Modern Living Memorable Setting by Matthew George, Urban Activation


At some stage, you will find a desire to slow down from your fast-paced urban lifestyle and rediscover things that you have neglected over time. After all, the long-lost family traditions, music, memories, art, and culture could hold the key to happiness. Those traditions can be found in localities that have that charming village vibe – places where traditions are still alive.

Living amongst a welcoming community just for a day will show you the joys of life, by enabling you to revisit your traditions. Imagine having a permanent residence enveloped within a vibrant cafe culture and cozy evening ambiance; imagine having your home at 222 Francis!

The roots of evolution lie in communities. Living as a group with a shared identity strengthens the bond with the people and place, as every aspect and activity in your life is intertwined with the community. With a sense of belonging, you will love your home, even more, when you are a part of a community. It enables you to create those prized memories to cherish and celebrate. There is no place better than 222 Francis to live this dream.

222 Francis offers you the ideal home where you can lead a calm and relaxed life in a village vibe and embrace the traditions that enrich life. It will transform your lifestyle with the spectacularly traditional backdrop of Yarraville that is keeping up with the demands of modern living.


The close community will instantly accept you and your family into the neighborhood. This unique affection and warmth will change the way you see life and allow you to enjoy every moment. 222 Francis offers you the exquisite blend of modern living in a memorable community setting.

222 Francis is in the serene suburb of Yarraville that offers a glimpse of its rich past. Traditions are meaningful practices passed on through generations and live through the ages. Yarraville has reserved traditions really while adding contemporary flavors to it. This gives you the perfect residential setting to experience the past while enjoying the perks of modern living.


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