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5 marketing mistakes you don’t know you’re making

Jo MacDermott shares some great insights worthwhile considering for anyone undertaking marketing pursuits wanting maximise their performance. By avoiding these five common mistakes you can steer clear of some major marketing headaches that hold new businesses back and set yourself up with great habits for the future. Not all marketing mistakes are obvious, in fact some are so subtle you might not even realise you’re making them. Are you guilty of any of these? Over …

15 things successful people do between jobs

Flickr/Cristian Bortes. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Experts suggest taking at least one week off to allow yourself to refresh, recharge, and refocus — but some say two weeks is ideal. Suppose you were just offered a new job and the company is fairly flexible with your start date. How much time should you take, if any, between gigs? And what should you do with that time? Career and workplace experts suggest taking at least …