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Latest updates to beat the crisis of the looming Depression – Be an Opportunist!

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Latest updates to beat the crisis of the looming Depression – Be an Opportunist!

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Beat it: We can beat this virus by starving it!

By simply social distancing and not coming into physical contact with anyone, we can limit the spread of this virus. “Wash your hands” This phrase is reminiscent of my youth and so topical right now.

Cyrus the Virus from The Warriors! I always liked that name, however like Cyrus, you can run but cannot hide. This is where Social Media gains relevance. If we all practise social distancing, we can use social media to go into online group chats, facetime and teleconferencing, allowing us to stay connected. Set up a schedule and run your day the same way you would as if you went to work, just do it at home. Check out my schedule here. It works for me!


Stay Connected: Use Facetime and Online services to check in with friends and family!

DMG SocialI would love to visit my parents right now however both are in their 80’s and are afraid of the serious nature of Covid-19 and it impact of the vunerable. What a world we live in. The beauty of Social Media means you can stay in contact daily with face to face time online. We have the tools so lets use them by being seen in virtual communities. Why not try ZOOM or Microsoft Teams and make up an excuse to call someone, text someone or do a random act of kindness! It will bring smiles all round in trying times!


Stay Positive: A Positive Mental attitude can make all the difference, it all depends on how you look at things!

DMG SocialWe are not in the great depression nor similar to the Spanish Flu, we have better medicine, better physicians and more Artificial Intelligence, so we will beat this. You’ve just gotta hang tight! On the homefront, take the time to fix that squeaky door, dripping tap, overgrown garden, and do things that used to bring humans happiness because small achievements is equally good for the soul. Online, build yourself a positive LinkedIn profile and develop it, as new jobs will appear where old ones have disappeared! They probably haven’t even been invented as of yet, but necessity is the mother of all invention! Once again, wash your hands!


Real Estate: Singapore is in massive growth and so will we!

DMG SocialSingapore has nipped this terrible Covid-19 into suppression and as a consequence, their real estate is starting to boom so quickly after this pandemic, it is ridiculous. Now If Australia plays its cards right, and practices cleanliness, social distancing, using social media to stay in contact, then we can knock this virus on the head as well! And once we do, our real estate will take off because the building game has come to a halt. As soon as we are in the clear, people from all over the world will start coming back to Australia to a shortage of property. The Smart Investors have done their homework, and with Tax Time coming up what a great time to invest in Real Estate, before the Boom! Have a look at this property out here in RINGWOOD, MELBOURNE.

Matt George of Urban Activation in Melbourne says “These apartments are luxury hotel living at Ringwood Residences. You can get 1,2 & 3 bedroom residences starting from only $379,000” Now that is something the smart investor or downsizer would be interested in for sure. Check them out at Ringwood Residences.


To avoid all the Doom and Gloom, why not check out my daily online newspaper known as Social Media Life, you can have a read here, and if you like it, subscribe or tell me what you would like to see in it. It is pretty cutting edge stuff, with great reading early in the morns.


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