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Get your business booming! Be Proactive and Exude Energy!

So many people tell me that “they will be happy when…..”, “if only they had more business…..” I have too many bills and not enough money…….” or “My marriage is suffering because I can’t earn enough money to keep my partner happy……”!!! LISTEN PEOPLE, THEY ARE ALL JUST EXCUSES!!! Be HAPPY! CREATE more BUSINESS! REDUCE your bills and EARN MORE MONEY! WORK ON YOUR MARRIAGE, and WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS! IT IS THAT SIMPLE, ALL …

Don’t let social media kill your career: 4 things to do by my contact – Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Do you remember Justine Sacco? If you do it’s probably not for her outstanding talent in the world of PR, right? A few years ago, in less than one minute and via just one tweet, Justine’s reputation and job were tarnished forever. The PR executive was fired for a tweet. She deleted the tweet before she took a flight to Africa but it was too late. When she landed in Africa, she turned on her …

Alarm as primary school children as young as 10 caught sexting

THE sexting trend has hit primary schools with principals turning to sexual assault groups for help to deal with the devastating fallout. Experts are alarmed that children as young as 10 are regularly sending nude and semi-naked photos of themselves, with some shared widely among classmates. Easy access to internet porn and social media use at younger ages are said to have contributed to the problem. Parents have been warned to wake up to the …